Review The Private Life of Mail

Review: The Private Life of Mail

Traditionally, mail has been seen as a direct response channel, best suited for delivering rational activation messages, promotions and offers….

review Cavers on world cup

Review: Cavers on… World Cup

The World Cup and advertising have gone hand-in-hand for decades. Big football money equals big ad spend and, coincidently, the…


Review: Cavers on…Lego Movie

In order to promote its recently released movie, the eponymous colourful building blocks brand unleashed a media first and took…

boots uk christmas advert

Review: Cavers on…Christmas

Being Scottish, and a renowned scrooge, I used three very simple measures to judge this year’s Christmas ads – did…

Thai Health Promotion Foundation- Smoking Kid - YouTube

Review: Cavers on…Smoking Kid

The great thing about our 24/7/365 connected world is the ability to see some stunning campaigns from around the world…

THE-MINI-STORE - Paint_2012-07-03_09-13-37

Mini Store, by DDB Paris

Car brands know that a test drive is the single most influential experience they can give a consumer to trigger…


Carte Noire, by Work Club

On a personal level, I don’t really like the Carte Noire TV ads, but I guess that’s the point –…


Microsoft Bing, by Droga5

Persuading people to switch from something they use instinctively every day is a difficult task. If your target audience is…


Peugeot 3008 campaign by Wand

Isn’t technology brilliant? Take those boffins at Nasa. They invent some great stuff and product-place it in action films and…

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The Philips Wake-up Light

Ever heard of a place called Longyearbyen? No? Well it’s one to learn for pub quizzes. It happens to be…

skoda car shot

Skoda Facebook Connect

We are all told to use the Web to its full effect to make communications with customers meaningful and deeply…

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Renault Clio Driving Test mailer

It has been a tough year for carmakers, and the people charged with selling them. Toughening economic times, massive product…