DM Girls fire up Winny in search for French bedfellows

foxy 414Hé mes amis et amoureux, bienvenue dans la glorieuse région du Langedoc, où le vin coule et le fromage fond dans la bouche.

Yep, you guessed it, the DM Girls’ Getaway (Foxy’s French Adventure) is now in full swing, having arrived in our luxury Winnebago Forza – “Winny” for short – to be greeted by all the flat-cap totting locals, complete with five-day stubble, terrible body odour and heavy garlic breath… and that’s just the women.

Now, unlike one of our lesser rivals – yes, that’s you lot over at Creative Salon – we can’t simply use the August slowdown to republish a load of guff which we’ve already run “in case you missed it”; we are duty bound to plough on, even though our working conditions are somewhat primitive.

You see, our holiday home of Château Decision Marketing has not exactly moved with the times since Busty’s last visit in 2017, and it was virtually derelict them. In fact, perhaps unsurprisingly, Winny has much better facilities with her BenchMark Dinette, TrueComfort+ Sofa Sleeper, RestEasy sofa, Theater Seating and 98” QN90A Neo QLED 4K HDR Smart TV. But where’s the fun in that?

Naturally, us girls are up for the full rustic French experience (if only for a few days); that’s why we’re here. If you want plastic France go to Disneyland Paris, luv.

Mind you, we do have to keep our driver Jean-Claude on his toes so when we say jump, he asks how high. And it is his responsibility to fire up Winny every time we need to check out the local marketing agencies as we are looking for possible French partners to collaborate with McContent & Design (remember them?).  Of course, we have to do some work otherwise we can’t claim this all back on expenses.

First up, we took a trip to web agency DomainAtrix (impressive), who seemed like a nice boutique shop, albeit rather aggressive and a bit handy with the whips and ball-gags. Next, we popped into see Pub-led (sounds promising), but sadly they didn’t live up to their name as they all seemed rather sober. Still, we are not rushing into anything, we’re taking the laidback French way. “Vers le haut et vers le haut” as they say in these parts.

To expand our research we even hunted down some of the local brands which we may be working on if this partnership ever gets off the ground. So, mes amis, I give you Cemen Dip (a fresh meze); Vergina (premium quality lager); Couque D’asses (chocolate cookies); Soup for Sluts (noodle soup); and Megapussi (crinkle crisps). They could need plenty of rebranding work to appeal to the great British housewife, who you ad types seem to be still targeting.

Thankfully, there is one brand which would appear ready to go. A certain line of man-sized tissues named after yours truly. After all, who needs Kleenex when you can clean up all your man-sized mess with Foxy?

Vivre la France!

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