Flabbergasted Foxy fingered for fructifying fake news

foxy 414Well, dear Foxy fans, I’m afraid to report that I’ve been fingered. You see, it appears that I’ve been feeding you a diet of fake news for months about how the marketing press has given up the ghost and our lesser rivals have become, well, less.

It all started when I highlighted the demise of Netimperative.com; within days up popped a new story on the site – the first since August 20 – all about “QR codes, Gen Z and the future of OOH”.

OK, it was hardly worth the wait and, to be fair, that was three weeks ago and there’s been sod-all since. Maybe it was just the death-rattle…still, it’s a start or an end, depending on how you look at it.

Anyway, I’ve also discovered that The Marketing Blog – which had not been updated all year – has also been brought back from the brink, with three new posts, including the “caps lock” exposé of HOLIDAY SEASON READINESS: REASONS WHY ONLINE REVIEWS ARE A MUST ON YOUR ECOMMERCE.

Even so, before you get your hopes up, it only appears to be a slight recovery. The amazingly insightful “Women for Women” section has not been updated since the June 4 2020 masterpiece “Why women are obsessed with makeup”.

Meanwhile, fans (are there any?) of its 1970s throwback “The Laughter Spot” may also be disappointed to learn that the July 14 2020 post is still the most recent. Let me recap:

“A man is walking into a bar and passes an old guy who is fishing in a puddle in the parking lot. He says, ‘You look like you could use a drink, come on in’. They sit down to a beer and a shot of whiskey each. The man asks the old fisherman, ‘Catch anything yet?’ ‘You’re the eighth.'”

Mind you, how could you possibly top that?

As if those two resurrections weren’t enough, it seems that B2B Marketing isn’t dead after all, either. You may recall how back in March we got an email which said that, after 17 years, they were ditching the title and launching Propolis, “a brand new home for the B2B community”.

Well, they too had a slight change of heart because my junk email is absolutely chockablock with updates from “The B2B Marketing Team”.

Now, while you have to admire their spunk, I simply can’t help but wonder; what on Earth does it take to actually kill off a marketing trade rag these days…

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