Heads-up on what jobs are hot and what jobs are not

foxy 414And so, dear readers, to the world of online dating, which according to Ofcom’s recent report, is where we have all been going, whether single or not, to keep our peckers up during the pandemic.

But it seems that with most people under strict lockdown measures, not many have actually been on a proper date, they have all been turning to the virtual world to get their kicks.

Plenty of Fish (the dating site as opposed to the local fish and chip shop we covered last week), has found that over half (55%) of those aged 18 to 40 have opted to take their romantic exploits online since March 2020.

Of the 2,900 single or casually dating people surveyed, 45% said that they haven’t had actual sex with someone new since the pandemic began and two-thirds say they are quite happy to continue being “virtually intimate” for the foreseeable future.

Throughout the pandemic, two-thirds say they were relying on video chats, 54% said they were indulging in sexting and 47% said they had been having phone sex.

Over to “dating expert” Kate MacLean at Plenty of Fish: “Singles spent the last year adapting and learning how to date from a distance by using technology, such as video chats and live streaming, to forge virtual connections with one another. These tools have fundamentally changed the way singles date, from establishing deeper connections quicker to cultivating more meaningful relationships.”

If you say so; I guess it also saves on washing the sheets.

But what, as ever, I hear you ask, has this really got to do with the joyful world marketing which we all love more than life and sex itself? Well, so much, dear readers, so much.

You see, if you are working in marketing at Durex, Okamoto, Mates, Pasante or My Size, you might want to start looking for another job. However, if you work in marketing at Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, Huawei or any other mobile phone company you might want to ask for a pay rise.

Don’t say I never give you the heads-up…

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