How Foxy pulled a dirty sickie with Dropshadow Dickie

foxy 414“Sound the flute! Now it’s mute! Bird’s delight, Day and night, Nightingale, In the dale, Lark in sky, – Merrily, Merrily merrily, to welcome in the year…”

Yep, dear Foxy fans, spring is nearly upon us (well, give a week or six) so why not celebrate with a touch of prose from Soho’s finest poet, William Blake? And, as you might be able to tell, I’m in quite a chipper mood on account of the fact that I’ve only had a four-day week…

You see, Monday was National Sickie Day, of course, and for once I actually joined the estimated 350,000 UK workers who skive off on the first Monday of February every year and (don’t tell Desperate Dan) had some dirty fun with Dropshadow Dickie (only virtually you understand).

Mind you, it’s not easy throwing a sickie with Dickie when you live in the same house as all of your co-workers; they were none too happy until we hatched a plan for Roxy to have her fun day off on Tuesday, Peggy had Wednesday and Meggy had Thursday. McFatter went one better and had the whole bloody week off. McFatty didn’t notice a thing as he has virtually retired.

Still, according to Shai Aharony, the managing director of the Reboot Digital PR Agency: “National Sickie Day is a great day to reflect on how you care for your employees and identify how you can better help your employees through achievable actions.”

Not “Shai” in coming forward about his own workforce, this particular boss reckons he’s got a team of “fantastic employees”, who have “all been exemplary, not only in their attitude towards work but coping with the many adjustments we have had to make along the way due to the virus”.

His top tips include “weekly virtual drop-in sessions, whereby employees are free to talk to management to see what aspects of their workload can be completed at a more ‘flexible-time’, so they can adequately home school their children and carry out essential activities for their loved-ones, such as food shopping”.

Likewise, he reckons they have “encouraged employees from different departments to cross-collaborate on suitable client projects to not only skill share but create a greater family environment whereby employees don’t feel isolated if they don’t know something or are struggling. A constant culture of ‘self’ and ‘team’ improvement is and always will be encouraged”.

Sounds hideous, give me a sickie with Dickie any day…

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