Never mind Storm Babet, the Trotters are on the march

foxy 414“When I was just a little lass, My daddy said to me, We’re going to the footy, Who’d ya wanna see? Man U or Man City, Everton, Liverpool? I said to my daddy, You’re a fool, ‘Cause I’m a Wanderer, Yeah I’m a Wanderer, I’m spinning around, around, around, around, around…

“Well, there’s Wigan to the left, And there’s Bury to the right, Blackburn to the north, And they’re all shite, And when you ask me which team I like the best, I’ll show you my Bolton kit, with the badge upon my chest, ‘Cause I’m a Wanderer, Yeah I’m a Wanderer, Spinning around around around around around around around around around around…”

Yep, with apologies to Del Shannon, welcome back to the world of the Northern Massive of Bolton Le Moors – aka my larger than life friends and family, who have been bashing this one out all week in preparation for tomorrow’s game against Northampton. C’mon who could possibly resist the charm of the Trotters versus the Cobblers?

To be honest, I had planned to be back in the bosom of the Southern Softies of old Brighton Town by now but my new man Dylan – can you believe we’re still together? – has joined me up here so I have been showing him the sights and sounds of the Red Rose County.

Never mind Storm Babet, once he’d copped a gobful of the local delicacy that is ye olde pasty barm and chips he was literally blown off his feet. Mind you, I will have to ensure he keeps his mouth shut at the Toughsheet Community Stadium tomorrow or we will both get a battering.

In the meantime, I have had a rather disturbing email about McContent & Design (remember them?) from some bloke called Varsha.

Apparently, the real reason new business has ground to a halt – despite every marketer on the planet wanting content – is that our website does not feature prominently enough on Google Search.

Luckily enough Varsha has offered to fix it and make the company “more profitable” for a “highly competitive” fee.

Hmm, nice try Varsha, but if our site doesn’t feature on Google Search how the hell did you find us in the first place? Just saying…

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