Organic fountain puts paid to Foxy DMA Awards debut

foxy 414So, dear readers, how was your DMA Awards? Did you have “a firecracker of an evening on the moonlit banks of the Thames”?
Unfortunately I missed the entire event due to the fact that I had a firecracker of an evening of a different kind.
Suffice to say, this one did not involve a smorgasbord of delights, but rather a “multicoloured organic fountain” as I was taken ill earlier in the week.
Not that I got much sympathy, my esteemed editor is livid; he shelled out a whole £28.99 on my Easy Hotel in Croydon and now I have to pay him back as it was too late to cancel. I am just hoping Tim “007” Bond is more forgiving; he’s got a license to kill you know.
One man who was far more generous was Dropshadow Dickie, who called me on the evening to ask whether I was OK. Bless. (Well, actually he phoned me at 1am asking where the hell I was but, hey, it’s the thought that counts.)
And now that I have recovered he’s invited me down to his place in the West Country, with a promise of a visit to the Gainsborough in Bath. To be fair, it does look like a different world to the Easy Hotel, and according to the blurb, the hotel spa “honours the healing traditions of the region”. Good job, too as I am still a little fragile.
And I have to save at least some of my strength for next week’s Decision Marketing Christmas Party…it never stops round here. We don’t burn the candle at both ends – we blaze through the middle with a blowtorch.

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