The slow demise of Midget Man, who’s crying now?

foxy 414Oh how the mighty have fallen. A month ago, he was the most respected man in the business, now it transpires that the little big man was nothing more than a nasty dwarf bully who led his empire with Nazi-style menace…when he wasn’t using the corporate credit card to pay for Mayfair hookers, that is, er, allegedly.
And, I must admit, Midget Man certainly makes my boss look like the loveliest bloke in the world, which is no mean feat in itself.
However, if you read The Drum, you would be hard pushed to find anything bad written about the little fella. I can only think this arse-licking is being driven by the fact that he’s already joined The Drum Network, or, perhaps, they are hoping he will buy the thing to add to his new empire.
Campaign haven’t been much better either. After all their talk about equality and diversity you would think they would have gone to town over the allegations. What’s up sisters, don’t want to miss out on that Cannes exclusive?
As for Marketing Week, they seem far too concerned with celebrating their 40th birthday to write anything…
Now Midget Man is not the first – and won’t be the last – to be accused of using corporate cash to pay for sex. In fact, according to Busty, our old friends Dropshadow Dickie, The Man with the Golden Tongue, Rogering Rog, Maurading Mike and Calamity Clive are regulars at “gentlemen’s establishments”, where, she reports, they lavish their clients with all the booty the corporate account can stomach. Apparently it’s what makes the marketing world go round, in some circles.
But, using their powerful position to bully staff like some modern-day Hitler? Never. If they had, we would never have written about them in the first place. These are charming men, not bastards.
Of course, there will be some who will be thinking, has Foxy finally lost her mind? Doesn’t she know who she’s dealing with? What if Midget Man’s lawyers read this?
Well, actually, I know exactly the sort of man we are talking about, and, in fact, the whole Decision Marketing crew knows too, having been on the receiving end of Midget Man’s antics ourselves, in a previous life. I bet he’s got a tiny cock too.
Mind you, he could always hand over some of his fat wad to McContent & Design if he wants to repair his tattered reputation. We do love a challenge…

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