There she blows, bottom end scuppers the Holiday Bus

foxy 414Four weeks in to our European adventure and I am afraid to report that the Decision Marketing Holiday Bus is finally heading home…on the back of an AA European Breakdown Cover truck. Yep, apparently the bottom end has finally blown – which is rather fitting as so has mine.
After nearly a month sitting in this bone rattler, your arse would be suffering, too. Anyway, it was just as we were gearing up for Orgy – in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region of France, of course – that there was a very loud bang from the rear.
At first I thought that McCawley had fallen through the floor; he’s piled on even more since he’s been with us on account of his love of cheese. Domaine du Vallage Triple Crème Brie anyone?
But no, it was far more serious than that, according to Pierre, our AA nominated breakdown man who turned up less than an hour later. “Mes amis, j’ai bien peur que votre gros but ait explosé,” he explained in his rather sexy Bourgogone accent, adding, “je voudrais examiner votre voiture inférieure, Miss Foxy.” Dirty boy.
Still, as we make our way back, I think I am falling for Pierre’s charms – the bus’ bottom end is not the only thing that has been blown. And, we are not downhearted; there’s plenty to look forward to when we do eventually get back to Blighty.
For a start, we can’t wait to sink our teeth into McContent & Design – remember them? – which despite the fact that we have been away for so long, has at least half a dozen chemistry meetings lined up. With Roxy’s luscious tanned body and my, er, charm, we’ll have those sown up in no time.
Then there is this august organ, which would you believe is soon to celebrate its eighth year in operation, fighting the good fight for the direct marketing industry? We might even get round to launching the Decision Marketing Awards one day…
Finally, and far more importantly, we are awaiting a new member of the Decision Marketing team, who will also work for McContent & Design. Loose lips sink ships and all that, but all I can say is McKelvey likes to start them young.
So, come on Pierre, get a shift on, there’s work to be done…

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