AA brings in Informatica for customer data overhaul

AAThe AA is overhauling data operations in an effort to get closer to its 8 million customers to unearth new sales opportunities and discover new process efficiencies.
The organisation has hired independent software provider Informatica to deliver the new strategy as part of a major business and technology transformation programme.
The AA is partnering with strategic business applications provider Pegasystems to implement the programme using Informatica software to adapt to the AA’s changing needs,
To turn large volumes of raw data into insight, the AA is deploying a new suite of solutions to deliver customer services and experience across all its channels, to gain a 360-degree, accurate and timely view of its customer base.
Existing customer data will be cleansed and integrated into the Informatica MDM hub, delivering a common and consistent view of the data that is immediately available to all the AA’s business units.
AA senior project manager for product systems Steve Harris said: “By treating data management as a strategic business discipline, Informatica will have a unique opportunity to further improve our customer experience and commercial performance. Knowing precisely who our customers are and their relationship with the AA is key to attracting them, retaining them, and building their loyalty.”


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