Acxiom unveils another tool for post-cookie marketing

cookie 2Acxiom is bolstering its efforts to step into the breach created by the demise of third party cookies, with a new solution that collects, enriches, and delivers insights to brands as they engage with customers in the post cookie world.

The IPG-owned data and insight giant has joined forces with server-side tag management company MetaRouter to launch Illuminate, which is designed to enable companies to use the same customer intelligence datasets for advertising and marketing while reducing reliance on third-party tags and external insights.

The duo claim the tool will enable brands to enhance decisioning journeys, reduce latency on their websites and improve customer experience.

In the wake of Google beginning the process of cookie deprecation earlier this year, the solution is aimed at providing brands with a way to capture and identify people landing on their websites to fuel analytics that will refine activations such as paid media initiatives in a cookieless world.

This means more effective ad spend and retargeting with consistency across teams and vendors, improved SEO through increased “lighthouse” scores and fueling a brand’s customer data platform with event analytics for attribution and measurement.

The solution works by deploying first-party customer recognition in a brand’s own infrastructure within their private cloud – when a user visits a site, that data is collected and streamed to external sources in real-time.

It is claimed this dramatically reduces the “chatter and bloat” typically associated with third-party tags, pixels, and associated code by replacing the vendor tag, syncing with ID server-side to enable the collection of visitor data across digital properties.

By moving respective third-party identifiers into the first-party context, Illuminate provides customers with previously inaccessible visibility and control over event data syndication and its resultant use while minimising the negative performance and compliance impacts presented by third-party mechanisms.

Acxiom head of European partnerships Jason Skelton said: “Acxiom is partnering with MetaRouter to launch a solution that will illuminate the dark funnel for marketers – the places that buyers are engaging and making decisions that no attribution software or third-party tags can account for.

“Companies need to be enabled to better understand who is making important buying decisions across their current and prospective customer base. Across Acxiom and MetaRouter, we are excited to bring our collective first-party data collection capabilities to market and help navigate the complex challenges brands face as they start to operate in a cookieless world.”

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