Agencies join hub to put diverse talent ‘in the know’

diversityA group of marketing and advertising agencies is partnering with Day of Wrk – a platform that aims to help underrepresented young people get into the creative industry – in an effort to demystify job roles and encourage accessibility.

As part of the programme, Day of Wrk has created 25 videos with diverse talent across the participating agencies, with each video demystifying their job roles through an interview format. These videos are all housed on the its website, making them accessible for all.

The agencies that have signed up so far are Iris, Leo Burnett, Mother, Accenture Song, Born Social and OK Cool, which have all agreed to distribute the hub whenever they hire for an entry-level position.

This means that if a candidate is applying to be an account executive, for example, they will be directed to a video on the Day of Wrk website, which sees a current account executive describing what the role entails.

Day of Wrk founder Zakir Hasan said: “For too long, creative industries have relied on people to be ‘in the know’ when it comes to knowing what a role entails. And relying on this has massively stunted the progress of the industry’s diversity and representation, preventing young people from applying for these jobs.

“That’s why we’re so thrilled to see these agencies committing to pushing this space in the right direction. We hope that this will enable more underrepresented young people to get their foot in the industry door.”

The contributors on Day of Wrk are all from underrepresented backgrounds, and the platform shines a light on their achievements, while acting as a space for them to connect with one another and as a great resource for finding outstanding talent across different careers.

As of March 2024, there are over 140 different contributors on the website, representing a variety of industries – from advertising to media to education to tech.

Day of Wrk is open to additional agencies to showcase their diverse talent and be part of the campaign.

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