‘Alfie’ pushes More Th>n pet cover

More Th>n is launching the second phase of its Morethan Freeman campaign, with a TV ad promoting the company’s pet insurance service.
The ad, by Stephens Francis Whitson, features basset hound ‘Alfie’, and is once again voiced by US impressionist Josh Robert-Thompson in the style of Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman.
The 60-second slot opens with a shot of Alfie looking contented, standing on a rug styled like a musical score “wiggling and waggling his tail, like conducter’s baton that leads life’s brass band”. It continues “But if that baton were to stop…. nature’s song would be out of key…”
At which point the dog’s tail stops wagging and the music stops. Cut back to the side-profile shot of the dog standing. The voiceover continues: “That’s why with More Th>n Pet Insurance you get a vetfone service with expert advice…” The music returns and so does the wagging tail with the end line: “…so you always know the score to bring on Alfie’s encore. I’m Morethan Freeman, thank you for listening.”
Four 60-second clips also promote home and vehicle insurance. The TV ads will be supported by radio and a raft of social media activity.
To see “the making of” this series of ads, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4BwLLenhKw

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  1. Love the ads and the creative is good. You can see from this work that advertising still has a big role to play in marketing and brand positioning.

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