All Bar One brunch sales soar with influencer marketing

all bar oneMitchells & Butlers-owned bar and restaurant chain All Bar One has reported a huge spike in brunch sales across the UK, with influencer marketing attributed as one of the key driving factors.
The brand, which has almost 50 bars nationally, saw a 28% increase in customers brunching at their venues during May, following the introduction of a social media campaign with micro-influencer platform Takumi and creative agency WPR.
The campaign, designed to help All Bar One generate interest in its new summer menu and drive footfall among consumers, sought to strike a chord with female millennials and tap into the current popular trend of going for brunch.
The tactics used were new to the brand; in working with Takumi it moved away from traditional advertising, instead targeting female foodies on Instagram within their key age demographic.
Ten female micro-influencers aged 25-39, who collectively had over 200,000 followers, took part in the campaign. They each created 10 rights-managed images of them enjoying a brunch at All Bar One with their friends, which were then shared on their Instagram channels using the hashtag #brunchie.”
The posts were also supported by both social advertising and a competition, where followers were encouraged to share their own #brunchie photos for a chance to win a Mulberry Kite handbag. Running for one month, the campaign saw some of the brand’s highest ever engagement on social media.
All Bar One marketing manager Michael Duffy said: “While our campaign was active we not only saw stronger sales, but interaction with the brand was up across the board. On social media, engagement was up 594% on our Instagram posts using the hashtags #Brunch, #Brunchie and #Brunching. There was also a 63% increase in engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for posts using the Takumi-generated images, with over 175,000 views and a significant amount of likes and comments across those posts.”
Takumi co-founder and chief executive Mats Stigzelius added: “The campaign is a prime example of how brands don’t need to spend huge sums to make a big impact on social. Working with micro-influencers gave All Bar One access to high quality, authentic and engaging content to help promote their new menu. The result? Significantly more people were talking about brunch at All Bar One and engagement increased across the board. It’s incredibly simple and, as the results show, highly effective.”

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