Blackwell’s hands CRM to Jaywing

Blackwells,_Charing_Cross_RoadBlackwell’s, the leading academic, professional book retailer, and publisher has appointed Jaywing to handle its CRM strategy, as the company seeks to provide a much more tailored experience for its customers.
The project aims to provide Blackwell’s with a greater understanding of the buying habits of its existing customer base of academics, students and professionals, in order to drive sales and ensure that customers’ future needs are met.
Initially, Jaywing will analyse customer data in fine detail, prior to building a CRM warehouse, which will create a single view of the customer that can be used to target specific email communications and provide relevant content for Blackwell’s website.
Using sophisticated data analysis, the new system will allow Blackwell’s to profile customers and enhance their on-site experience in realtime with relevant suggestions and offers, integrating seamlessly with the company’s overarching brand experience.
Ultimately, the system will be able to deliver any information held on a specific customer to any touchpoint, for example at a till, on the website, via a customer’s mobile phone or an app. It will also allow the simple integration and use of new digital platforms and environments that Blackwell’s may roll out in the future.
The move is the first step towards Blackwell’s long-term goal of a data-driven, omnichannel offering, which will allow it to anticipate and satisfy each customer’s needs across all channels.
Blackwell’s digital director Matthew Cashmore said: “Jaywing was the only agency that not only truly understood the vision we had for engaging with our customers, but could also relate it back to the system and turn it into something tangible and real. They demonstrated an immediate appreciation of our business, our positioning and how we could turn our ultimate aim of really knowing our customers into a genuinely integrated proposition.”

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