Brands back green ‘One Day’

More Th>n, EDF Energy and CBS Outdoor have become the first brands to sign up to a new industry-backed green marketing initiative, dubbed “One Day”, taking place on 1/11/11 which aims to get 1 million consumers to change their lifestyles.
The scheme, launched by HRH Prince of Wales’ Start Initiative in collaboration with The Marketing Society and Business in the Community (BITC), is a mass call to action with one central consumer theme: think about and do something sustainable today. It plans to get over 100 top brands engaged, and, in doing so, demonstrate the persuasive power of the UK marketing industry in evoking consumer behaviour change.
On One Day all marketers and media owners will collaborate to create a sustainable future by pledging to devote media space, create sustainable marketing communications and to encourage consumers to take one simple step towards sustainability.
With the help of the world’s marketers, the ambition is that One Day will see every TV ad, every outdoor poster, every banner ad, every direct and digital communication viewed by consumers worldwide carrying a message persuading consumers to act for the good of the planet.
Companies will devote a minimum of £50,000 of their media space, or its equivalent value, to sustainability related marketing communications and promotions encouraging consumers to be sustainable.
Every ad will be badged with the ‘One Day’ marque to show that the brand owners and people behind them have signed up to the movement.
The initiative was conceived by Meteorite, following The Marketing Society’s competition, which asked marketers to make a film about how marketing can make a difference to the future of the planet.
Jo Kenrick, chair of The Marketing Society Green Alliance and chief executive of Start, said: “One Day will bring together marketers to lead a new and actionable consensus on the role of marketing in the survival of the planet. Supported by some of the most legendary and influential names in the marketing and advertising industry, One Day isn’t just an initiative or a campaign; it is a movement. November 1 2011 marks the first day of the marketing community’s collaborative drive for sustainability with the consumers they serve. This is just the beginning.”

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