Brands go Gaga for new ad scheme

Brands go Gaga for new ad schemeBrand owners can now place ads within the music videos of the likes of Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Robbie Williams following a deal signed by Universal Music Group.
The world’s largest record label has joined forces with Havas Media to use native ad platform MirriAd, which inserts ads into videos after they have been filmed, on poster sites and the like.
One of the first brands to use the platform is Grand Marnier which features on poster sites and a wall during a video from Swedish dance music producer Avicii. It is understood all Havas Media clients – including the likes of Coke and McDonald’s – will be offered the service.
The process is automated with advertisers working with Havas to profile the type of consumer they want to reach before being pushed through the ad network. Different brands can show on the same video being aired at the same time in different countries.
Universal Music Group chairman and chief executive Lucian Grainge said: “Through innovative technologies such as Mirriad’s, and leading global agencies such as Havas, we can offer our artists additional opportunities to generate revenue from their music videos.
“And with MirriAd’s highly customisable platform, we have the ability to ensure that artists’ and brands’ interests are aligned while we remain focused on presenting fans with the most compelling music experience possible.”
Havas Group chairman and chief executive Yannick Bolloré said: “Partnering with Mirriad and UMG is an innovative way for us to help brands build more meaningful relationships with consumers. Mirriad will make it possible for us to create a more authentic, logical and in-context connection with our clients and audiences that have insatiable appetites for content across multiple screens.”

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  1. Does this all feel very much “closed shop”?
    Havas following Mediacom lead…
    Brands go Gaga for new ad scheme

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