Brands urged to clean up data to clean up with GDPR

woman-using-laptop-431x300Businesses are being urged to put data cleanliness at the top of their agenda when it comes to getting in shape for GDPR,  with the publication of a new Insight Report, which, it is claimed, will not only ease the pain of compliance but give firms a significant competitive advantage as the weeks count down to implementation “D-Day” in May next year.
The report, from Royal Mail Data Services, outlines how GDPR requires all businesses to take every reasonable step to ensure that inaccurate personal information is either rectified or deleted. It goes on to detail why the volume of available, permissioned third-party data may shrink under the GDPR, putting the onus on marketers to ensure their communications are well targeted and permissioned.
It draws on findings from recent Royal Mail Data Services research, which revealed that 40% of organisations either have no plans to, or don’t know how they will, adjust their data practices for GDPR compliance. The research also revealed that the average cost of poor-quality customer data to UK organisations is running at 6% of annual revenues.
With a focus on improving the quality of customer data, the Insight Report discusses why data quality is such an issue for today’s businesses, the impact of the GDPR on the use and management of customer data, and how organisations can use the regulation as a catalyst to improve marketing performance.
Royal Mail Data Services managing director Jim Conning said: “For too long, marketing performance has suffered at the hands of poor-quality customer data.
“GDPR is the perfect catalyst for organisations to tackle the data-quality issue head-on. By regularly cleansing and enhancing internally held customer data with properly permissioned and compliant third-party data sourced from trusted providers, marketers will be in a stronger position to improve the performance of their campaigns.
“They will also be better placed to ensure that their data is of an altogether higher quality. Our new Insight Report is designed to help organisations usher in a new era of marketing excellence.”
The full report is available from the Royal Mail website>

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