Brands warned over Facebook bug

facebook strikes IBM ad dealBrand owners with Facebook pages have been warned about a new virus spreading across the social networking site, that is hoodwinking potential users into downloading a malicious file.
The virus, which uses a photo album chat message, began spreading across the site over the weekend, with victims prompted to click a “View Photo” button.
Users who fall for the scam become infected by malware, dubbed Palevo-BB by net security firm Sophos. The malware attempts to generate a message to the victim’s Facebook contacts, continuing the infection cycle.
Similar scams are usually used to con users into completing surveys, handing over personal details or signing up to expensive text message services. These survey scams are widespread on Facebook.
The vulnerability of Facebook to such attacks is one of the major downsides of the site, which is now used by thousands of brands to keep in touch with consumers. Starbucks is the most popular brand on Facebook when ranked by the number of people who ‘Like’ a brand. Over 7.5 million people like the coffee chain on Facebook, almost 2 million more than like the second most popular brand, Coca-Cola.
Famecount ranks brands based on the number of people who follow, like or friend them in social networks. It shows that food and drink brands are in each of the top five places, with fashion brands making up most of the remaining places in the top ten.

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