Cancer Research UK ramps up CRM

2013-11-13 11_37_36-Cancer Research UK_ the UK's leading cancer charity _ Cancer Research UKCancer Research UK is overhauling its marketing communications strategy by implementing super-fast technology which slashes the time it takes to process CRM queries from many hours to just a few seconds.
The charity, whose direct marketing account is handled by Rapp, has deployed the system from vendor EMC and expects the technology to pay for itself within 18 months.
The move was triggered by several factors; including a storage hardware update and the centralisation of offices. CRUK’s main office at Angel, London, has around 1,200 staff, with 5,000 across the organisation as a whole. That site also houses its main datacentre, with a secondary site 25 miles away in Slough.
CRUK head of infrastructure Michael Briggs said: “The marketing department has been able to run three or four more queries per day than they had done previously. They have quadrupled throughput, which is obviously a good business result.”
The charity has also launched a new online marketing push – backed by press ads and social media activity – to promote its call for the Government to bring in laws which would force to tobacco brands to be sold in plain packaging.
Two online films, created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, open on images of three children appearing to smoke cigarettes in Indonesia, China and Bogota. The voiceover details what Cancer Research sees as the tobacco industry’s attempt to recruit young smokers in these countries, highlighting that It cigarette companies have sponsored and advertised events attended by children, and even have their logos on school uniforms. The films then reveal that the children are in fact in the UK.
The voiceover says: “In the UK, branded cigarette packs are the most impactful way tobacco companies have to influence children. They’re fighting so hard against standard packs, and that’s why we should fight hard for it to happen, now.”

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