Dame Judi backs WWI tree fund

Dame Judi backs WWI tree fundDame Judi Dench is backing a new direct marketing fundraising campaign by the Woodland Trust, which commemorates the First World War centenary.
The Centenary Woods initiaitve includes a new microsite and direct mail activity invites people to dedicate trees in four Centenary Woods across Great Britain as a lasting, unique and personal way to commemorate those who lived and died during the war.
The microsite has been created by agency Code Computerlove, and is designed to make it as easy as possible to donate to the campaign.
It features a video on the home page that explains how and why to get involved; the site’s responsive design is visually appealing with simple messages showing exactly what donations will enable the Woodland Trust to do, e.g. “A £20 donation will enable us to dedicate a single tree” or “£40 will provide vital shelter and access for native wildlife by funding six metres of boundary hedge.”
Potential donors can view photographs of each of the woods, learn more about them and find out how the land is connected to the First World War.
Anyone who makes a donation can be featured on the campaign microsite along with a message of support for the cause, and the campaign encourages sharing across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, helping to spread Woodland Trust’s message.
Dame Judi said: “The Centenary Woods will stand for generations to come. A living, breathing tribute to all those who contributed to the First World War effort, which our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can hope to enjoy. An inspiring woodland conservation opportunity which you can be part of.”
Lee Chadwick from the Woodland Trust says: “The microsite has strengthened our message and helped generate awareness of our overall goals. The four Centenary Woods are going to create a lasting tribute to those who contributed to the First World War effort, as well as taking us a step closer to our goal of doubling native woodland across the UK.”

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