DMA Talent joins scheme to champion apprenticeships

studentThe DMA has signed up to a Government scheme that promotes technical education and has vowed to champion apprenticeships, T-Levels and traineeships to its 1,000-strong membership of clients, agencies and suppliers, as well as to prospective employers and other intermediary networks.

By joining the Intermediary Ambassador programme, run by the Department of Education through the Education & Skills Funding Agency (EFSA), the DMA’s training and development arm, DMA Talent, will join 50 other organisations, including the BBC, Asda, Toyota, Fujitsu and the NHS, in promoting the Government’s education and skills strategy.

DMA Talent general manager Kate Burnett has hailed the move as a “key moment for UK data and marketing”, adding: “Apprenticeships are a key part of the Government’s strategy and marketing should be part of this conversation for its future talent needs.

“There are apprenticeships available for creative, data and broader marketing roles from marketing executive levels to managerial positions. It is a key opportunity for the UK data and marketing industry to diversify its workforce.”

As part of the process, the DMA has committed to a number of initiatives, including providing evidence against a range of ambassadorial activity on a quarterly basis to be approved for sharing in the public domain.

It has also pledged to share best practice examples of how it has supported its networks/memberships in achieving the benefits of technical education within their businesses and it will encourage apprentices through its networks, members and other intermediary organisations to join the Young Apprenticeship Ambassador Network.

Burnett concluded: “Apprenticeships sit firmly in the DMA’s classroom to boardroom strategy. They are a route into the industry for new talent. And within the DMA there are opportunities for apprentices to become individual members, or for relevant DMA Learning – delivered through the IDM – to be pitched in at this level as well.

“It is also beneficial for DMA members to understand how to access and work with apprenticeships and apprentices directly.”

Late last year, senior marketing professionals expressed concerns that the industry is not doing enough to attract the right talent. A study carried out among the 400 judges who presided over the 2019  DMA Awards, revealed that over half (55%) said the sector must do more to woo the finest minds.

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