Forget ‘Down & Dirty’, Simple wants to spread kindness

little_mix_simpleUnilever is testing the waters to see if new coronavirus-inspired conscientious, community-loving, caring and sharing consumer actually exists, with its latest campaign to get people to pledge to be kinder.

Partnering with “teen idols” Little Mix for the third year in a row, and working alongside international youth charity Ditch the Label, The #SimpleChooseKindness campaign sees each of member of the group encourage everyone to join in with their mission of spreading kindness.

This year, it is all about taking action, whether that means tagging someone with a kind pic, or sharing a pledge to be kinder, the “Down & Dirty” foursome are kicking off the activity by each sharing a pledge that is personal to them, reflecting the causes they care about.

Running across social, VOD, and retail, the campaign has been devised by TMW Unlimited, who signed up Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jade, and Jesy to be the faces of the skincare brand back in July 2018 with their own limited edition Little Mix range.

Additional content on Snapchat, builds on the campaign message of positivity and self-confidence, featuring Jade in conversation with Little Mix.

She reveals how bullying affected her, and how, with help from others, she managed to overcome it and is now working with the charity to ensure young people have the support they need.

The charity reports that between the coronavirus lockdown period of March to May, support requests for Ditch the Label increased by 158%.

Jade said: “I think we all do small acts of kindness every day, whether that’s complimenting someone or being nice on social media. But, right now, kindness needs to stretch out far wider, standing up for people who need it, raising your voice, and making more of a difference in the world.”

The #SimpleChooseKindness campaign shows off Simple’s new limited-edition range as well as directing people to Ditch the Label’s helplines and supportive tools.

TMW Unlimited creative director Tom Harman said: “We wanted ‘Choose Kindness’ to feel more like an everyday action, and not just another tagline. So, through the individual Little Mix pledges, we’re hoping to inspire our audience to pledge how they could be kinder in a way that’s personal to them.”

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