Generative AI ‘now essential part of marketer’s toolkit’

copywriter1This time last year few people had even heard of generative artificial intelligence let alone started using it but it seems the technology is now a “firm fixture in the modern workplace”.

So says a study by online graphic design platform Canva, which reveals that most creative and marketing leaders are using the tech to automate repetitive tasks so they can focus on the “more genuinely creative work”.

The survey quizzed 4,000 marketing and creative leaders the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, India and Australia on their attitudes towards generative AI, and was commissioned with Morning Consult.

Canva Europe lead Duncan Clark said: “Despite some conversations and implications that you hear about AI replacing human creativity, we actually found that 98% of marketing and creative leaders in the UK said that they’re comfortable with the rise of generative AI.

“And over two thirds are already saying that they consider it an essential part of their creative toolkit. So we were amazed at the overwhelming positive sentiment but also the rate of which has been taken on.”

The study seems to contradict a separate report, which claimed almost two-thirds of marketing and customer experience chiefs are actively looking to change jobs to work in companies which have superior technology tools, with more than half fearing they will soon fall victim to the rise of artificial intelligence and end up on the scrapheap.

The HubSpot “pulse check” study, which quizzed 900 cross-industry marketing and customer experience managers, and found the allure of enhanced learning and career growth opportunities, coupled with a healthier work-life balance, is forcing over 60% of them to explore alternative options.

However, the respondents did welcome to the tech, with the majority of managers (88% in marketing and 92% in customer experience) endorsing AI’s effectiveness.

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