Ham, egg and Slits? Gousto cooks up Spotify deal

slitsRecipe box Gousto has cemented a partnership with Spotify to launch a new platform that will provide recipe recommendations based on the listening preferences of Spotify users.

In a move that both parties claim will bring personalisation to the next level, the platform serves up dinner suggestions from Gousto that match a user’s mood, based on their listening preferences revealed by Spotify, giving home cooks the chance to personalise their listening and cooking habits at the same time.

After a year of major growth that saw revenue more than double and 53 million meals sold, Gousto is investing in the technology to further increase the 52% of orders that were delivered by artificial intelligence last year.

The dinnertime experience has become a key time for music listening since the pandemic began, with streaming of Spotify’s cooking playlists increasing by over 141% in 2020, peaking between 6-8pm most nights of the week, according to its own research.

The partnership coincides with a Gousto study that shows three quarters (73%) of home cooks like to prepare a meal while listening to their favourite music, while every month, over 110,000 new cooking-related playlists are created on Spotify, with users streaming dinner-themed playlists for nearly 33 million minutes monthly.

Gousto claims to be the first recipe box provider to build an intelligent recommendation engine that suggests bespoke menus tailored to the individual customer. Through the new recommendation platform, Gousto aims to inspire the nation to discover new flavours, try new recipes and be more adventurous with what they eat and cook at home.

Apparently, those who have recently tuned into high energy music might get served up a spicy Chicken vindaloo recipe, while for those listening to music with high danceability, a party dish like coconut jumbo prawn tacos might be more in line with their mood.

For the home cooks who are tuning into low tempo music, the recommendation engine will offer a light, fresh dish, like a plant-based poke bowl.

Gousto chief technology officer Shaun Pearce said: “As a business, we focus on inspiring dinner time adventure through innovation, and this partnership with Spotify is an example of that. Our recommendation engine uses intelligent algorithms to serve up recipe suggestions that are catered to our customers’ preferences.

“By linking Spotify users’ music tastes and mood with our delicious recipes, the new platform will elevate Gousto customers’ cooking experience and provide even more recipe inspiration.”

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