Havas to finally rebrand all DM agencies Havas Helia

Yannick-BolloreHavas Group is finally coming good on its promise to rebrand all the data-driven marketing agencies in its global network as Havas Helia in a move which chairman and chief executive Yannick Bolloré insists will see the agency become “the leading CRM network in the world”.
The Havas Helia network was orginally formed in 2015, when the company scrapped the EHS brand in the UK and combined it with a number of offices around the world, including Chicago, New York, and Shanghai.
At the time, the group said that Sydney, Singapore, Sao Paulo and Cape Town would follow within months but this never materialised. Now, according to Bolloré, this plan will be rolled out and include a raft of other agencies too.
Havas Helia UK is based out of London and Cirencester and is spearheaded by Havas London boss Xavier Rees, who succeeded Tash Whitmey after she had left to join Tesco.
According to the Havas Group website, of the 822 agencies in the group, 500 offer CRM expertise, while 516 offer data strategy and 497 direct response. Obviously there is huge crossover between them all.
Bolloré said the new Helia network will provide CRM strategy and implementation, consulting on loyalty programmes and marketing technology, as well as analytics-driven creative services.
It will continue to sit within so-called Havas Villages around the globe.
He added: “We have very different agencies over the world, best-in-class, and we have decided to join forces, so now all our CRM agencies will partner together to create the best-in-class agency – of course sitting in the Village. And we have chosen the name Havas Helia.”

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