Ikea Family members offered ‘gently used’ home range

ikea-1376853_1920Retail giant Ikea has launched a new online service for resale goods available exclusively to Ikea Family loyalty club members, designed to help customers lower their environmental impact by giving discontinued and “gently used” items a second home.

The “As-is” programme is part of the retailer’s commitment to environmental sustainability, for which it aims to reduce its emissions by 15% by 2030 and resort exclusively to recycled or renewable materials by 2030.

Ikea Family members will need to log into a new portal and select the goods they want, which will then be reserved for 48 hours for pick-up at a designated store.

The service joins other initiatives, including Buy Back & Resell and the spare parts programme aimed at helping our customers live a more sustainably and prolong the life of their furniture.

Ikea said: “Hundreds of used furniture that made their way back to the store through Ikea’s Sellback program, products that are to be discontinued soon, and those with minor aesthetic damages, all end up here in this market.”

In September last year, Ikea expanded its Collect Near You offering by launching a service in partnership with Tesco. When placing an order online, customers go through the usual checkout option and select the Collect Near You service for their local Tesco.

It launched in Blackburn before being rolled out in six further pilot sites in Doncaster, Cambridge, Dereham, Bolton, Stockport, and Liverpool.

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