ITV programmatic deal to sync TV with online ads

tv watchingITV has become the first broadcaster to offer brands the chance to sync their TV spots with online ads under a new partnership with programmatic ad platform RadiumOne.
The scheme is designed to extend reach to include people who may be watching the TV programme but start multi-screening during the ad break or those who fit the target group of the TV ad but were not watching TV in the first place, but are currently online.
The collaboration will see ITV launch Ad Sync+, which, by linking ITV’s broadcast output to RadiumOne’s data capability, will allow ITV’s advertisers to reach their desired audiences simultaneously across other devices and online environments.
Advertisers will be able to target audiences based on their levels of engagement and sharing and viewing behaviours and will have access to over 30 billion sharing events per month.
Within milliseconds of an ad playing on ITV, a similar digital ad will be served to users online with a similar profile to the TV audience in terms of socio-demographics & geography.
RadiumOne’s technology enables an additional layer of audience to be included – those likely to be interested in the ad based on the content they share or engage with online. For example, an Iceland ad could be served to people beyond the “standard” demographic profile who have shared/received online content relating to frozen foods, cooking at Xmas etc.
ITV Commercial deputy managing director Simon Daglish revealed the plan at the ITV Gala last night. He said: “RadiumOne’s deep understanding of cross platform ad solutions and their unique lens on audiences through sharing data, makes them the perfect partner to help us deliver further value to our advertisers across multiple platforms.”

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