Mindshare unveils proprietary data analytics tool DX

julia aylingWPP media agency Mindshare is taking on the data industry with the launch of an audience-first customer analytics tool, DX, which it claims is able to reveal “more nuanced customer decision-making behaviours” than many industry frameworks.
The proprietary tool uses user experience principles to deliver insights which are brand- and sector-agnostic, a factor which Mindshare claims will enable clients to build a more rigorous marketing strategy.
The launch is in response to emerging changes that Mindshare is seeing around audience decision making, with customers’ expectations of brands becoming increasingly challenging.
This is as a result of audiences bringing in a wider range of previous experiences into their buying decision, as opposed to simply thinking within the limits of the category.
The tool is powered by extensive quantitative customer research, which is conducted as soon as possible after the decision in question, and uses both qualitative data and passive data sources such as social conversations and search behaviours to help interpret the results.
As well as conducting studies into 50 individual sectors, results are also analysed within a central decision database, enabling Mindshare’s research team to draw out cross sector behavioural patterns which emerge for specific audience segments.
Mindshare UK head of research and insights Julia Ayling said: “People are at the heart of everything we do and that’s why we are excited to launch this new tool. DX explores people’s decision-making behaviours, helping us better understand their actions, attitudes and needs, to help our clients to future proof the decisions they are making and ultimately achieve real business growth.”
Initially launching in the UK, DX will be rolled out to other markets by the end of 2019.

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