Mobiles ‘at risk from Web scams’

Mobile phone users are three times more likely to respond to phishing scams than their PC counterparts, because it is far harder to spot rogue messages, according to a study.
The report backs a warning made last month by a top security expert who claimed Apple iPhone users are much more vulnerable to Web attacks from dodgy sites, which could affect 125m iOS users around the world.
An analysis from several phishing websites by Trusteer revealed that not only were mobile users among the first visitors to arrive at a phishing website (crucial as most scam websites are short-lived), but they were three times more likely to submit their login credentials than desktop PC users.
The study also found that eight times more iPhone users than BlackBerry users visited rogue websites. Mobile users who arrive at dodgy websites are far more likely to submit their login credentials than their desktop counterparts.
Trusteer claims it is harder to spot a phishing website on a mobile device than on a computer, and is particularly marked on iPhones, which display only the beginning of the URL of a potentially fraudulent site. BlackBerries, by comparison, display the full URL as well as asking if a user wants to visit a site.

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