Monarch readies new video campaign for take-off

Monarch new videoMonarch’s summer campaigns are coming thick and fast with a new initiative featuring over 50,000 personalised videos aimed at reactivating past customers who have a travel history with the company but who have yet to book for 2016.
Created by WDMP, the campaign is designed to inspire recipients to reconsider a flight or holiday with Monarch this summer.
Using personalised content from voiceovers to destination imagery, customers receive an email inviting them to view their own personal video via a personalised landing page where their video automatically plays – greeting each of them by name.
The story follows the journey of a Monarch aeroplane fridge magnet across a fridge door. Along the way recipients encounter lots of classic holiday memorabilia unique to them – their last boarding card, destination postcards, and even the customer’s name spelt out by magnetic letters.
As well as references to their previous departure airport and destination, prospects are also shown three other relevant destinations, suggested by Monarch, complete with touches such as their own personal weather forecast.
Their webpage then features offers to the three suggested destinations where they can click straight through to book. The campaign can be viewed here >
Monarch direct marketng and CRM manager Liam Gibson said: “This brings together the best in data insight, creative and personalisation technology to deliver a powerful campaign that we predict will change behaviour with important customer segments. It is a very exciting development.”
WDMP executive creative director Mike Cavers added: “This is another airline industry first that we have developed with the Monarch team and we have a high expectation that this latest innovation will have a significant cut through and impact on bookings.”
Last month, the travel firm tapped into the trend of adult colouring books with a new direct response campaign looking to inspire customers to add “colour” to their summer this year and spanning press, digital, outdoor, direct mail and email.

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