More Th>n hit by data glitch

Customers of insurance company More Th>n – home of the Morethan Freeman character – have been prevented from renewing their policies online after a glitch in the firm’s database system.
Many customers attempting to renew policies were told by the system that their policy simply did not exist, and were forced to call a helpline instead.
A More Th>n spokesman admitted: “Customers were advised that their policy didn’t exist because some information was not transferred to the data feed and so not found when customers tried to renew.”
The company has now fixed the problem and is looking at ways of ensuring it does not happen again. “We are looking at what monitoring /alerting could be deployed to catch this earlier,” it said in a statement.
In reply to one customer enquiry, More Th>n said of the problem: “Thank you for your further email on the back of our Twitter exchange.
“As we explained, we are aware of the fault with our online renewal system. This is an intermittent fault which is not affecting all of our customers, which is why we have left the option online. This matter has already been raised to a senior level and work is ongoing to have this fixed.
“Unfortunately, our online systems do occasionally fail and we fully appreciate the inconvenience that this causes our customers. The current problems do not affect your policy in anyway and you can still process the renewal by telephone, as we have advised. I am, however, sorry if this may affect your decision to renew the policy.”

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