New call for customers to sell data

IMG_8203Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man credited with inventing the web, has urged consumers to recognise the value of their personal data so they can sell it to brand owners for advertising purposes.
Berners-Lee’s demand follows a study published last month in which consumers valued a single piece of information – such as an email address or location data – at up to £20.
In total, the 2,023 adults polled considered the cumulative value of the ten data-sets to be worth £140, rising to £200 per ten pieces of data if they did not know the company they were dealing with.
Berners-Lee told delegates at IP Expo trade event: “I would like to build a world in which I have control of my data. I own it and can sell it you if it is worth it, we can negotiate a price for it to be used for advertising.”
“That data that [firms] have about you isn’t as valuable to them as it is to you,” he said. “I have almost a year’s worth of data from [Facebook-owned location-tracking app] Moves. I can see how my exercise has gone up and down.
“In general … if you put together all that data, from my wearable, my house, from other companies like the credit card company and the banks, from all the social networks, I can give my computer a good view of my life, and I can use that. That information is more valuable to me than it is to the cloud.”

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