Perkins joins forces for neuroscience start-up

perkins & CoFormer Rapp managing director has wasted no time in unveiling his new venture, joining forces with two healthcare experts – who have both worked a Rapp – and a digital chief for the start-up, named Wethepeople.
Joining him are Michel Dubery (second from left) as chief executive and strategy lead. A former client side marketer at Novartis, he switched agency-side in 2002 to work at Rapp Collins Healthcare.
Dubery was most recently head of the European commercial division at Inventiv Health, and has also been European managing director at Grey Healthcare and the European chief strategy officer at DDB Health.
Patrick Norrie (far left) worked at Rapp in its various guises for nine years, leaving in 2009 to be European executive creative director at Grey Healthcare. He joins from Inventiv Health, where he was European executive creative director. Norrie takes up the role of partner and head of creative direction.
Meanwhile Joseph Hoyle (second from right), who has worked at Open Media Technologies as well as Lost Boys in the Netherlands, also becomes a partner in the business and will to lead brand experience and design.
Rapp own healthcare division was launched in October 2004 and is one of the agency’s fastest growing divisions; clients also include Viagra maker Pfizer.
Wethepeople has positioned itself as an agency which will use neuroscience to create marketing strategies and integrated ad campaigns.
Dubery said: “At Wethepeople, we use the latest findings in neuroscience, to craft strategies, branding and integrated campaigns that get noticed and acted upon.
“We are working to bring humanity back into the way we develop communications by using our understanding of why people behave the way they do in the world.
“By harnessing that human understanding we help build better, more interesting, and ultimately more profitable brands.”
Perkins (far right), who spent his entire career at Rapp before leaving earlier this month, said: “More and more we’ve noticed that brands appear to be more interested in how they deliver their message – the delivery system, rather than what the message actually is.
“We believe that this is the right time to refocus our attentions to the quality of the message itself. Data-driven delivery strategies that provide dull and uninteresting content to our customers are dangerous to our clients’ brands.”

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