Police plan crackdown on bogus sites

The police are to get stronger powers to combat rogue websites under plans being developed by the company that controls the .uk domain registry.
Nominet wants to change the terms and conditions under which domain names are owned so it can revoke them more easily in response to requests from law enforcement agencies. The move follows lobbying by the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA),
According to the company, “there are increasing expectations from Law Enforcement Agencies that Nominet and its members will respond quickly to reasonable requests to suspend domain names being used in association with criminal activity and Nominet has been working with them in response to formal requests”.
Recently the Met’s Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) asked Nominet to revoke the domain names of 1,200 websites it said were being used to sell counterfeit designer goods. For legal cover, it said the owners breached their contracts by supplying registars with incorrect details.
The move will only cover UK websites, leaving consumers exposed if they log-on to overseas sites.
For instance, Metropolitan Police attempts to ban an anti-police website in the wake of the student protests against spending cuts were scuppered, after the site moved to a Web host outside UK jurisdiction.
After the protests, Fitwatch posted an article which advised anyone worried about being arrested after the demonstrations to stay calm, not hand themselves in to police and to get rid of clothes they were wearing at the demo. Protestors were also advised to stay away from similar events.

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