Postcode Lottery hails 30% savings on direct mail costs

postcode lotteryPeople’s Postcode Lottery is bigging up the work of its agency in securing a deal with Royal Mail which has saved the charity nearly 30% in postal costs.
Edinburgh-based print and postage consultancy the Dragonfly Agency successfully negotiated its classification of customer retention mailings for the client from business mail to advertising mail and the test of a new hybrid postage product. To date this has saved the charity lottery an increase in mailing costs of 28%.
Print communication is integral to People’s Postcode Lottery player journey and the organisation claims it has had a huge influence on customer retention, meaning that even more is raised for charities year after year. Highly targeted, personalised print communication has helped lengthen the average player lifetime by 57% in the past two years, the charity insists.
This year People’s Postcode Lottery will engage with over 2 million players, issuing over 6 million mailings. Without the reclassification, People’s Postcode Lottery would have faced a substantial increase in postal charges. This would have inevitably led to a greater focus on digital channels, affecting retention rates and affecting postal volume for Royal Mail.
People’s Postcode Lottery markeitng manager Julie Paterson said: “Dragonfly’s persistence ensures we can continue to maximise our marketing budgets and retain our strong commitment to mail as a marketing channel. It has been a very¬† successful channel for us to date – our players have raised more than ¬£197.5m for over 2,800 good causes and that’s in thanks partly to sound marketing strategies such as this one.”
Victoria Grant, founder and director at The Dragonfly Agency said: “We have been working with People’s Postcode Lottery since 2011 and want to ensure that all the player communications would continue to be delivered as cost effectively as possible. With every individual print campaign we continuously look for ways to improve our service to deliver consistently high quality and value.
“By working closely with Royal Mail we have helped to guarantee a further six million pieces of People’s Postcode Lottery player communications will continue to go through the post.”
Since April 1, Dragonfly has become a wholesale postal provider with the launch of Dragonfly Mail.

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