REaD pools data in new platform

Cano-Lopez gets Data Agency top jobThe REaD Group, which appears to have quietly dropped The Data Agency branding, is lumping together all of the data it owns and manages into a new platform which it claims will be a “first of its kind data management” service.
The as yet unnamed platform, which the company boasts has been five years in the making, will provide access to a combination of lifestyle data, media consumption, including social media and direct marketing response, as well as transactional data.
REaD Group reckons the platform will be the most continuously-updated database of consumers in the UK, through ongoing surveys as well as data from a number of partners, both traditional and digital.
The new platform will allow access for profiling, data appending and modeling against large databases or on an individual record basis, with real-time access and will be live by the end of the summer.
REaD Group chief executive Jon Cano-Lopez (pictured) is confident the service “will transform many industries”.
He added: “The strong cohesion of data and easy-access that the platform provides means that companies will have a granular understanding of each customer as an individual.”

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