RSPCA calls for ‘a little respect’ in major rebrand blitz

RSPCA_1The RSPCA is marking its 200th anniversary with a major rebrand – its first in 50 years – backed by an extensive marketing campaign to respond to what it insists are the growing challenges faced worldwide and inspire a million acts of kindness for animals.

To define its next 200 years, the organisation has partnered with global branding agency Jones Knowles Ritchie to unveil a new purpose, positioning and branding and has also tasked creative agency AMV BBDO to bring its strategy to life through a new brand platform.

The new strategic positioning and brand identity have been built to help drive awareness, broaden understanding and shift perceptions. With a focus on garnering more support, this initiative aims to fulfil the organisation’s ultimate purpose of inspiring everyone to create a better world for every animal.

The rebrand campaign ‘For Every Kind’, developed with AMV BBDO, is designed as a rallying cry to invite every kind of person to be kind in every possible way to every kind of animal.

Central to this campaign is the two-minute film, which portrays a wide and wild range of animals, from battery chickens to abandoned kittens, from lobsters about to be served at a restaurant to dogs left in hot cars, all singing along to Aretha Franklin’s Respect track, asking for just “a little respect”.

Featuring the voices of RSPCA’s celebrity ambassadors actor Brian Blessed, wildlife TV presenter and conservationist Chris Packham, champion ballroom dancer and TV judge Shirley Ballas, JLS singer and TV presenter JB Gill and Staying Relevant podcast co-host Pete Wicks, the ad aims to encapsulates a vision for animals that is more needed than ever.

Directed by Raine Allen-Miller through Somesuch, the ad goes from dark situations of neglect and cruelty to an epic celebration of animals living rich emotional lives once people start treating them with kindness and respect. The acts of kindness range from giving chicken and cows more space to have ‘the zoomies’ to picking up a snail from a busy road; from comforting a kitten to donating to RSPCA.

RSPCA associate director of marketing and communications Olivia Reid said: “We want people to rethink their relationship with all animals. As a nation, we love our cats and dogs, but we are also connected to billions of other animals in our lives, through the things we buy and the choices we make.

“We often don’t realise that we are unintentionally funding, fuelling or furthering suffering. From intensive farming taking place behind closed doors, use of some animals in sport and entertainment, extreme breeding, and the ‘cute’ images we share on social media, society regularly turns a blind eye to how we treat our fellow creatures. So, we are shining a light on the joy of animals living their best lives, happy and fulfilled, and full of emotions and experiences. We want everyone to realise every animal deserves our kindness and respect.”

Media agency JAA has devised the schedule, with versions of 60 and 30 seconds of the film running on TV and cinema and a series of 15, 10 and six seconds will be live on digital and social media. Radio spots are also part of the media plan and will start later in the year. Amplifying the campaign further is a collaboration between Channel 4, JAA plus Gogglebox and its production partner Studio Lambert.

Enabling the campaign to be a topic of discussion for families nationwide, during the first ad break in Gogglebox this week, a special two-minute ad created by Studio Lambert for C4 Sales will launch featuring stars of the show with their pets reviewing and reacting to the new brand ad. The Gogglebox spot runs until Friday May 9.

The brand platform is also being launched with OOH executions across England and Wales, featuring a refreshed design system for the charity. The billboards land the message ‘For Every Kind’ by showcasing a breadth of animals, all the surprising emotions they feel and our connection with them.

Targeted social executions are also being rolled out to describe the specific acts of kindness people can perform for animals, big or small. And an interactive web tool on the RSPCA website has been designed to help everyone find their kind of kindness.

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