Scandinavian invaders plot raid on content agencies

tailify-team-photoSome 2,000 years after Scandinavian pirates set foot on mainland Britain and changed the face of the country forever, a new Scandinavian marketing platform is threatening to do the same in the world of paid content creation.
Tailify, a company set up by Fredrik Martini Andersson, Fredrik Segerby, Didrik Svendsen, is pledging to bring professionalism, security and trust to the sector.
With a strong track record in Europe, Tailify’s solution has been developed together with some of the world’s largest media agencies and focuses on partnering with them to deliver creative and high impact campaigns for brands. Tailify manages every aspect of the process, from finding influencers to creating and distributing content, to accurately measuring results.
And the company is not shy in coming forward about what its platform can achieve, either. It claims to operate the world’s first fully automated 360° influencer ecosystem, developed by a technology-focused team recruited from Google, Activision and BCG.
The solution has been built around both the brands and the influencers, with an app for influencers that allows them to receive offers and messages from brands, but also functions as a CRM and sales system, boasting that it allows marketers to understand, manage and build their business.
Similarly, Tailify insists marketers can gain unique insights into the demographic of an influencer’s following and can automatically track the performance of their content and monitor their ROI with detailed reporting.
It is claimed that the Tailify engine can gather much deeper levels of data, meaning brands are better informed and confident that the campaign will generate the required results. It also enables the two parties to connect in a more efficient and powerful way.
Fredrik Andersson, Joint Founder and Head of Marketing at Tailify, said: “We have a proven track record of delivering market leading content creation, having built a hugely successful business in Scandinavia which was one of the first platforms of its kind.
“The UK influencer marketing sector is still relatively immature in comparison, with brands only now starting to invest their budgets in a serious way. As it grows over the coming decade, professionalism and trust will be paramount, ensuring this channel offers the same security and reliability as the traditional mediums.
“Our platform is completely transparent with detailed results analysis and legal clarity for the influencer relationship, giving brands the peace of mind they need. We don’t act on opinion or impulse, but rather on scientific data. That’s how we built trust with CMOs in Scandinavia and that’s how we’ll do the same here.”
Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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