Scotts & Co unveils fine jewellery brand Aston & Rose

ASTON & ROSE - VIP Preview front coverMultichannel retail group Scotts & Co is expanding into the luxury market with the launch of a fine jewellery and watch range, dubbed Aston & Rose.

The move follows the company’s recent foray into fragrance retailing with the acquisition of The Garden Fragrance Company in April 2021, which sits alongside Scotts of Stow, Gift Discoveries, Expert Verdict and Bloom in the group’s portfolio.

This month, Scotts & Co will mail a ‘VIP Preview’ edition of the Aston & Rose catalogue direct to 750,000 of its best customers. Scotts has a customer file of more than 5 million affluent, ABC1 consumers, believed to be the largest such database in the UK.

The Aston & Rose catalogue will feature a specially curated collection of exclusive items, including rings, earrings, pendants, brooches and bracelets, many featuring precious gems such as sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. Prices range from £30 to £330 and the catalogue will also include premium watches and gifts such as Steiff Collector Bears.

Nigel Swabey, CEO of Scotts & Co, believes the market for distinctive jewellery and watches has huge growth potential because impactful, personalised direct mail is currently under-exploited by manufacturers and retailers in both sectors.

He said: “With the launch of Aston & Rose, we aim to rewrite the rule book across products and distribution by engaging directly with affluent jewellery purchasers in their own homes.

“We already have over 40,000 customers on our database who have purchased jewellery through our other catalogue brands. But the launch of Aston & Rose will enable us to take our approach to this market to a different level. The Aston & Rose catalogue will have a much higher average order value—including exquisite diamond, sapphire and gold items costing hundreds of pounds each.”

Swabey added: “We intend to create compelling propositions based on the emotion and appeal of beautiful jewellery, while offering the same level of customer service and attention to detail that people expect in a physical store. For example, many Aston & Rose gift items can be personalised at no extra charge.”

Based on the initial reaction, Scotts is confident that the Aston & Rose catalogue will be highly profitable in its first season—with sales close to £1m expected this Christmas.

According to management consultancy McKinsey & Company, direct to consumer and online marketing of fine jewellery and watches currently lags far behind other luxury categories.

However, its analysis suggests that direct and online sales of fine jewellery will increase from 13% to around 21% of the total global market by 2025, with global direct and online watch sales likely to grow from 5% to around 9% during the same period.

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