Trade bodies sign up to DataSeal

DM information security scheme DataSeal has been expanded beyond the DMA membership to members of the IPA, ISBA and IPM as part of an industry-wide initiative to boost consumer confidence in marketers’ use of consumer data.
Developed by the DMA in conjunction with British Standards Institute and launched in January 2010, DataSeal is the only recognised standard for information security management systems other than ISO:27001.
At the time of launch, then DMA head of media channel development and environmental affairs Robert Keitch said: “We’ve done a lot of work on this to ensure it sets out achievable goals. If companies see data as an asset, they will not object to putting security standards in place.”
According to the trade bodies, the scheme “provides an accessible, achievable and cost-effective route for members to demonstrate that they have implemented appropriate information security measures for their business”.
David Payne, consultant head of direct marketing at the IPA, said: “A robust consumer information security process should be to be a top priority for agencies that hold customer data. The well-publicised cases of data breaches show the consequences of not having a security process and the impact this can have on a company’s reputation and bottom line.
“The IPA believes that DataSeal is a useful and important minimum standard for data security and a stepping stone towards full ISO 27001.”

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