VCCP launches ‘big data’ agency

VCCP me directors and former Presky Maves bosses Peter Worster and Simon Spyer have quit to set up a data consultancy within the VCCP Partnership, called Conduit Marketing.
The agency is designed to help clients take advantage of the increasing number of ‘big data’ opportunities available to build their business.
Positioned as data value architects, Conduit will aim to help clients connect their business strategy with their data and technology strategies; enabling them to use the data they have to run their business better.
The founding partners both joined Stephens Francis Whitson – now VCCP me – from Presky Maves 18 months ago.
Worster (pictured) said: “Business has become more complex, with greater pressure on resources, ROI and technology. But the fundamentals remain the same: find more customers, grow their value and keep them longer. At Conduit we define, design and deliver practical solutions that enable clients to use the data they already have to run their business better. Often our approach really helps align Marketing, IT and Finance functions around common goals.”
VCCP Partnership chief executive Adrian Coleman added: “Driving real commercial value from the vast amount of data available is a real challenge for clients that is set to grow. Conduit will help businesses make sense of the opportunities and having this capability within the Partnership is a real asset.”

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