Virgin Media bogus mailshot triggers fraudster warning

VirginMedia2Virgin Media customers have been warned to be on their guard following a mailshot scam which saw one Portsmouth man conned out of thousands of pounds by fraudsters posing as Virgin staff.
The issue began when the man received a letter claiming to be from Virgin Media which said the company had spotted suspicious activity on his Virgin account.
It is not known how the scammers got hold of the customer’s personal data to send the letter or how much detail was included in it.
However, the missive was then followed up by a phone call from a “contact centre agent” with a “strong accent”, also claiming to be from Virgin Media, who told the customer his account had been targeted by fraudsters.
The agent then managed to gain access to the customer’s computer – under the guise he was carrying out a security check – and steal access to his victim’s bank details.
The customer later discovered that £27,000 had been stolen from his bank account.
The man reported the incident to Hampshire police, who are advising Virgin customers to be on their guard.
Action Fraud issues regular warnings to consumers with package TV subscriptions, including customers of Virgin Media, Sky and BT, yet these scams are mostly carried out through cold calls. The fact that this customer received a mailshot is worrying, according to one industry source.
She said: “We are all used to receiving scam phone calls, but the fact that these fraudsters targeted the victim through the post first raises a number of data security issues. For instance, where did they get the man’s details? Was this just a one-off or part of a wider, more sophisticated attack?”
According to the latest figures, more than £190,000 a day is lost in the UK by victims of cyber-crime. More than a third of victims in that period fell prey to the hacking of social media and email accounts.
Action Fraud said £34.6m was reported to be stolen from victims between April and September 2018, a 24% increase on the previous six months.

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1 Comment on "Virgin Media bogus mailshot triggers fraudster warning"

    Just after retiring and transferring money closing my business account I was scammed by Fraudsters using Virgin Media data in a two stage fraud, using VM’s land line service. My bank account was emptied plus savings, a significant sum transferred and very little recovered by process of Authorised Push Payment Fraud. The first call was very similar to the one you reported on June 18 2018 where the caller had all of my account details and offered a discount on my subscription, backdated to draw my debit card number from me. The caller on this occasion was not from India (I’ve had plenty of those), and arranged a bogus engineer call for the following Monday PM, saying the name of the caller and that he would carry Virgin Media ID. The reason given for not having my up to date debit card details was given as ‘due to data protection’, but he knew which bank my account was with, so knowing the first four digits of the card number went on to quote them and said that the last card details they had expired in 2013. Despite questioning this I was not as diligent as your ‘anonymous lady’ and gave him the number. He then began the manipulation process by asking for my Mother’s Maiden name, which I refused to give and ended the call. He had successfully induced the state of anxiety about revealing my card details. The second caller then contacted me a short time later to say that my bank accounts were under attack from Nigerian raiders. Having induced a sense of panic he was able to carry out an Authorised Push Payment Fraud. I have challenged Virgin Media about data protection and got the usual self-serving statements from the CEO office about opening and closing complaint procedures and carrying internal investigations. I have had Virgin Media’s Final Response letter, and forwarded it with details of the fraud to the ICO. I have quoted examples from Decision Marketing sources about Virgin Media’s state of denial about data security. I am hoping the ICO will take a dim view of Virgin Media’s track record and my example. Who knows if Virgin Media will be shamed into offering me any compensation. To sum up, the sophistication of out-of-control fraud can be two-stage in order to play in the Victim’s minds. a sort of mix of the June 8 2018 and February 25 2019 reports you have reported. Mine was by Virgin Media land line using their breached data as the pivot point. Hope this is of interest. Virgin Media’s Agents’ interest in reporting fraud and fraud attempts may be flatteringly described as lukewarm and indifferent.

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