Wavemaker in ‘talent-first’ newbies recruitment drive

wavemakerWPP media agency Wavemaker UK is aiming to play a key role in attracting youngsters to the industry with the launch of a new talent-first recruitment initiative for school leavers, graduates or career changers aged 18 and over.

There is no prerequisite for experience or in-depth knowledge of the media industry for the scheme, dubbed “Thrive”, as it focuses on an approach that prioritises potential, ambition and passion.

The agency believes this will help the scheme truly build a more inclusive and representative cohort of potential entry-level candidates – those diverse thinkers with the skills that are critical to the success of this ever-evolving industry.

To kickstart the new scheme, Wavemaker has partnered with schools and learning programmes, including Global Academy, UTC Media City, Brixton Finishing School, and WYK Digital. The goal is to build the perception that a career in media is for both left and right brained individuals.

Wavemaker UK will host in-person and online sessions with potential candidates to showcase the opportunities it holds for the mathematical geniuses and data scientists, as well as those with copywriting and project management prowess. Working collaboratively with all partners, Wavemaker will handpick the candidates that demonstrate ambition, motivation and passion for the opportunities available.

The recruitment process will conclude on June 28 with an ‘immersion day’ that will be facilitated with the necessary accommodations to ensure diverse thinkers can really shine.

From this, approximately 25 “new to media” candidates will be selected to join the Summer 2023 cohort across Wavemaker’s London and Manchester offices. They will be provided with a “Thrive Track” of their choice – either media, data, digital, or project management.

Retention is as pivotal to the Thrive scheme as recruitment, and as such, joiners will receive a structured induction programme packed with insights and community-building activities. This will allow new talent to immerse themselves into the agency experience and organically grow their expertise to unlock their full potential at Wavemaker.

Management will play a significant role in ensuring joiners have the necessary care, support and motivation. As a result, as well as the help of assigned Wavemaker specialists within their Thrive Track, Wavemaker will appoint an early talent development manager. This newly-created position will be tasked with providing an additional layer of support.

Wavemaker UK chief operating officer Katie Lee said: “Growing our talent is a key focus for us this year, whether that’s next generation leadership development or entry-level talent. This is so much more than a short-term talent acquisition project.

“We are looking at a long-term approach with a few key partners that enables us to identify, train and work alongside talent to help them navigate the world of media, but also to give our clients access to a diverse group of thinkers. ‘Thrive’ is our first step in rewiring how we bring people into this agency and how we look after them.

“I believe this scheme will help us build the best talent pipeline in the industry. Most importantly, reaching and welcoming talent from all backgrounds and continuing to build our culture of belonging and inclusion.”

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