Beats by Dre ‘Defy the Noise’: Oh, if only we could…

Beats by DreWith controversy building by the hour over the “World Cup That No-one Wants”, you might think most brands – other than the official sponsors who have paid a small fortune to be highly visible in Qatar – would be trying not to get too close to the “not so beautiful game”.

Not, it seems, Beats by Dre, which has launched a new campaign designed to shed a light on the overwhelming pressure, expectation, and criticism that some of the greatest footballers – and some of the not so great – face off the pitch, especially as they train and prepare for their most significant matches.

“Defy the Noise”, devised by Uncommon, taps into the polarising nature of social media. Using a mix of fast-paced shots of self-captured content and archival footage, the short film features Bukayo Saka (England), Serge Gnabry (Germany), Kingsley Coman (France) and Ritsu Doan (Japan), and exposes the “noise” they face.

Saka has battled back from online hate; Gnabry has been slammed for being more interested in his appearance off the pitch rather than his commitment to the game; Coman has overcome serious injuries; and apparently this is Doan’s first chance to step up for his country at a time when everyone has already written his country off as competition.

The spot also features a number of cameos from the worlds of football, music, TV, and social media including Fabrizio Romano, Ledley King, Joe Cole, Frimpon, Dotty Charles, Laura Woods, Anton Ferdinand, Alessia Russo, Mary Phillip, and Peckham Town FC.

The film also premieres British rapper slowthai’s new single i know nothing, featuring lyrics which touch on the ills of social media and how it “distorts our perception of reality”.

Speaking about the message behind the track, slowthai said: “Social media can and should be used as a tool for connection and good but instead it serves to gloat and punch down. It fails to show the harsh reality we live in, which can lead to isolation and depression. Let’s lift each other up.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, no doubt there will be many people – potential Beats customers at that – who will be wondering what all the fuss is about? Let’s face it, everyone knows social media can be full of hate, but you don’t have to be part of it if you don’t want to…

Then there is the soundtrack. Now, we’re sure slowthai (that’s Tyron Kaymone Frampton to those who don’t know him) is a lovely fella – and his sentiment is certainly spot on – but why would you “Defy the Noise” with even more noise?

Mind you, we do like a Studio Bud or two…

Decision Marketing Adometer: A “just too noisy” 5 out of 10

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