Currys Beyond Techspectations: Is this what’s in store?

CurrysConsidering our lives are dominated by electrical goods and new technology, there are surprisingly few retailers who actually sell the stuff. OK, if you know what you want you can go online but nationwide if you want to go into a store and view it first-hand it’s a case of Hobson’s Choice – Currys or bust.

Now while some might praise its survival mentality – after all, the brand can trace its roots back to 1850 when bicycle maker Henry Curry opened his first business – others would undoubtedly like more choice.

However, one thing is certain; Currys doesn’t just sit back and wait for consumers to make the inevitable trip to its stores or website, the company spends millions on advertising and marketing every year.

And, as if to prove the point, here comes a new ad blitz under its “Beyond Techspectations” platform, following a back-to-school campaign in August.

Created by AMV BBDO, the “humorous” activity aims to showcase how Currys consistently goes that extra mile to deliver the best expertise and tech knowledge through its staff and the extensive training they receive, whether that means eating instruction manuals to gain extra knowledge or cultivating long beards as a symbol of their wisdom.

The 30″ and 15” films, directed by Greg Bell through Red Studios, will run across linear TV, BVOD, online video and digital. As part of the media strategy developed by Spark Foundry, shorter formats will offer a snapshot of the campaign on different platforms.

Currys head of brand and advertising Aisling Lancaster said: “We know that our customers relish the opportunity to get hands-on with all the amazing tech we sell, and our stores are the best possible place to do this.

“Not only can you try out all the latest products, but you can rely on our colleagues’ unrivalled tech expertise to help find the right tech for you.

“These ads allow us to playfully show just how far our colleagues are willing to go to make sure they are tuned-in to today’s tech trends, whilst underscoring how valuable this face-to-face service is to our customers.”

AMV BBDO creative directors David Westland and Jeremy Tribe added: “Currys occupies a unique space in tech retail by doubling down on expertise and personal customer service in an increasingly online market.

“But it takes a really brave, confident client to let us showcase these qualities through stylised comedy. This campaign is a great second outing for the new Beyond Techspectations platform and we look forward to exploring more funny executions as we develop it together with Currys.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, to be fair, if this is “a really brave, confident client” we dread to think of what other clients are like; it is mildly amusing but that is about it.

However, our real beef is not with Currys’ advertising, it is with the staff, which, in our experience are still desperate to flog you the extended warranties rather than give you expert advice.

Once they refrain from that, we might actually go back instore. Until then, it’s online all the way!

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