Ikea ‘Do Try This At Home’: With homes like these…

ikeaIf you’re one of those people who knows your Malms from your Trofasts and your Platsas from your Ekets then have we got a treat for you? Yep, step forward Ikea aficionados, the flatpack specialist is launching its first ever global marketing campaign, led by McCann Madrid and entitled “Do Try This at Home”.

Apparently, this is the first expression of the new creative idea for owner Ingka Group, called “Home can do it”, that aims to show people that with Ikea, home can be an affordable driver of happiness, even during the cost-of-living crisis.

Designed to demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to supporting consumers facing tough economic challenges this year, the campaign narrative uses a series of different taglines to encourage people to try new things within the comfort of their home with calls to action like “Do try ignoring the recipe at home”, “Do try mischief at home”, and “Do try showing off at home”.

As the official blurb states: “The global campaign brings to life the Ikea vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people, setting the tone for the company to emotionally connect with people regardless of culture, living situation or age with a consistent voice. It focuses on siding with the many through an affordable range and actions they take as a company, for people and the planet.”

Comprising a series of vignettes highlighting how Ikea supports people’s passion and purpose through their home, the activity features a range of consumers benefiting from the company’s “empowerment philosophy”, including sisters running through the house with a cuddly toy-filled storage box on wheels, a granddad gamer enjoying his gaming furniture set-up, and a teenage girl performing a concert with her guitar on her bed as her friends listen on their headphones.

Ingka retail manager Tolga Öncü said: “We believe that home is more than just a place to eat and sleep – it’s a place where you can unleash your creativity and have fun. That’s why we created ‘Do Try This at Home’, a campaign that shows you how affordable ideas for home can empower you. No matter your style, budget or space, you can find inspiration and tips on how home can be a place that supports your passions.”

McCann Worldgroup Spain chief strategy officer Agustín Soriano added: “This new strategic approach is based on people’s need to pursue happiness after a period of enduring negativity, like the ‘permacrisis’ situation that we are all experiencing already for several years.

“This rebellious spirit in all of us searches for affordable ways to celebrate life in every possible way, even though consumers around the world are reducing ‘treat’ spend. Ikea is the best brand in the world to resolve this human tension and help people to achieve happiness through their homes.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, it’s fair to say, this definitely has the feel of a “global” campaign, featuring virtually every nationality on the planet.

Mind you, you wouldn’t know there was a cost-of-living crisis going on in these households – everyone’s happy as Larry, and they have no shortage of stuff – everywhere. If these are the homes of those going through tough economic challenges, Ikea style, we will happily have some of that.

Still, the ad rattles along quite pleasantly, nothing new, nothing offensive, but not much substance either, although if you slow down the soundtrack it sounds suspiciously like I’m the Leader of the Gang by Gary Glitter track (just saying).

Decision Marketing Adometer: A ‘could do with a few more Huvudrolls’ 7 out of 10

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