Lynx Rise by Tullo Marshall Warren

Having recently completed the agency’s first viral ad for Alfa Romeo I must admit that I had more than a passing admiration for this campaign for Lynx Rise. It felt like we had a similar brief. To sell a product to a highly targeted audience using a sexy online experience.
In fact, I even used the brand as a reference point when pitching our concepts to the client, who totally got it.
Lynx is an account that most agency creatives would love to work on and those lucky buggers at TMW must have had great fun creating this multimedia DM campaign.
I say DM but this is more than that. As marketers we are all aware of the impact that social media is having in getting a brand, product or service, sold, talked about and experienced by the target audience.
Supporting the advertising work, the agency created a neat integrated campaign that gave the brand a great online presence (where a large part of its audience ‘live’) with funny, entertaining, sexy films which they used as ads, banners, on YouTube and blogs. The agency tied up the campaign by adapting the Lynx Facebook page, encouraging even more interaction.
A brand succeeds by earning the trust of consumers. These days, with media channels everywhere, this has to be done on a daily basis. We have to collaborate with the consumer. We need to be smarter, more creative and more innovative. Success no longer depends on sticking rigidly to brand guidelines but by being flexible and creating experiences that consumers want to engage in and TMW has managed this perfectly by creating a campaign that it knows will get a laugh, get talked about and more importantly, get shared.
But a successful campaign isn’t just about having a laugh, the client also likes to see results and this had them in spades, the Lynx YouTube channel alone became the number 1 UK sponsored channel and number 3 in the world.
Funny, engaging, successful, what more can I say apart from…”I wish I’d done it”.

Andy Purnell is creative director of EMO

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