SlimFast UK ‘Oomph For Your Boomph’: Big and bouncy

slimfastWith summer fast approaching – we can but dream – it is that time of year when thoughts turn to being “beach body ready” or at least losing a few pounds piled on over the past miserable few months.

Luckily help is at hand with a new campaign for SlimFast UK, fronted by rapper Big Narstie and model Kelly Brook, who are on their own “weight management journeys”. The big fella has already said this is a marathon not a sprint and we can’t see him going too far; Slim Narstie doesn’t have quite the same ring about it does it?

Anyway, in the first work for the brand by agency Mother London, dubbed “Oomph For Your Boomph”, the duo star in an upbeat music video featuring the SlimFast shake and designed to reposition it as a modern brand for all and boost its appeal to a younger, more diverse audience.

The track is a remix of the new Big Narstie track Work Hard Play Hard, inspired by the rapper’s journey to improved health (he once tipped the scales at 28 stone) and champions the extra Oomph (23 vitamins and minerals and 14g of protein) for your Boomph (making the most of life) you get with SlimFast.

It opens with the duo jumping on a bus, rapping at the passengers before cutting to a scene where Narstie falls through the ceiling of a flat and lands on a sofa next to a young woman with Kelly on the other side. Next up he is in a garage fixing a motor before getting into bed with a couple and finally the duo return to the bus which is in full party mode.

Initially airing on SlimFast-owned media channels, a TV campaign kicks off this weekend, featuring with 30 and 20-second spots. This will run for eight weeks and will be supported with a paid social media campaign.

SlimFast UK&I marketing director Clafoutie Sintive said: “Our big, bold campaign with its uplifting tone is an unapologetic affirmation of celebrating your best self. We have our two ambassadors with their different needs to help connect with consumers who are at various stages of their own weight management journey.

“Big Narstie with his larger-than-life personality and confidence who is looking to lose weight over the long term and Kelly Brook who is continuing to successfully maintain her weight and living her best life.”

Mother London global executive creative director Peter Robertson added: “To get people to take a fresh look at SlimFast, we wanted to do something unexpected… so putting Kelly Brook and Big Narstie together, and then making a grime track and accompanying music video seemed to really tick that box.

“Both Kelly and Narstie are on their own weight management journeys so were the perfect duo to breathe new life into the brand and get people to re-evaluate how SlimFast can fit into their life.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, to be honest, we too are constantly on a weight management journey, but it is more akin to BBC’s Race Around the World than a stroll in the park.  And this big and bouncy ad definitely raises the bar on the usual weight loss advertising nonsense from the likes of Jane Plan and Weight Watchers.

The question is, will Narstie and Kelly change our minds about the SlimFast “dust” diet? Fat chance…

Decision Marketing Adometer: A ‘rapper’s delight’ 9 out of 10

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