Snickers ‘Own Goal’: Maybe they need a bit more effort?

SnickersWith Easter just hours away we turn our attention to the world of chocolate – well, it would be rude not to – but not chocolate of the egg-shaped variety, this time it’s all about the Mars staple of Snickers, which is teaming up with footballers Luka Modrić and Bukayo Saka for its latest campaign.

Devised by the self-proclaimed “WPP AI speedboat” agency T&Pm – formerly The&Partnership and mSix&Partners – the activity is spearheaded by a TV ad which is set in a neighbourhood barbershop, as customer “Tim” gets a haircut while deeply engrossed in a footie match on the screen.

However, Tim can’t contain his excitement and leaps out of his seat to celebrate a winning goal, causing the barber to shear off a strip of his hair. Enter the barbershop’s newest recruit, played by Bukayo Saka, reminding Tim of the ‘own goal’ he has just made (even though his new hairstyle is not that far off Saka’s anyway).

Then up pops Luka Modrić as the barbershop assistant, presenting Tim with a Snickers bar as the perfect quick fix for his laughable self-inflicted mistake, with the campaign tagline filling the screen – Own goal? Maybe you just need a Snickers.

Supported by OOH, paid and organic Social and PR across 46 markets in Europe and MEA, the activity also features a short video in which Modrić and Saka sharing their take on some of the top football-fan related mistakes, as they rate footie lovers biggest ‘own goals’.

From missing a goal because you bought a hot dog before half-time, to getting to the stadium with your ticket on your phone when your battery is about to die – both players rate the mistakes from one to ten and even reveal some own goals of their own.

This is the first year of the new ‘Own Goal’ Snickers brand platform in Europe and, according to the official blurb, “there will be lots more exciting content to come in 2025 and beyond”.

Snickers regional brand director at Mars Wrigley Greg Kent said: “We know fans don’t always get it right, so we wanted to highlight the nation’s ‘own goals’, and who better to bring it to life than two of the biggest names in football.

“The tongue in cheek campaign encourages football-fans to laugh at their blunders, while Snickers provides a taste of satisfaction that sorts you out in moments when you want to bury your head in the sand.”

T&Pm executive creative director Jim Stump added: “As a footy fan who’s often been caught scoring the odd own goal by blagging his way through more advanced footy banter – there’s a whole world of relatable mistakes here that Snickers are perfectly placed to surface and have fun with in all sorts of ways.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, is this really the best they can come up with? Not only is the acting from Modrić and Saka appalling don’t give up the day jobs fellas – but it is one of the shortest ads ever, running at just 20 seconds, and there appears to be no rhyme nor reason why a bloke who has had half his head shaved would console himself with a Snickers, let alone why we would want to scoff one. We like Snickers; we also like footie but this is just a nonsense.

Never mind “Maybe you just need a Snickers?” Maybe they need to put in a bit more effort?

And if this is the first outing for the “WPP AI speedboat” may we kindly recommend it goes back into the boatyard for a refit…

Decision Marketing Adometer: A ‘that sinking feeling’ 6 out of 10

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